What is
SOC as a

SOC as a Service is a software based service that provides real time monitoring, detection, and analysis of potential and existing threats to your organization. Our solution monitors your devices, platforms, and network 24/7 to proactively evaluate activities within your environment to dect highly sophisticated, targeted attacks. Our SOCaaS solution combines different security capabilities needed for effective security monitoring and provides a tailored, end to end security monitoring model based on your organizations strategic goals and needs.

The Challenge

With roughly 200 Billion devices sharing company and personal data across the globe, cyber security attacks are becoming more frequent than ever. What’s worse is 77% of organizations do not have Cyber Security monitoring and response capabilities.

The Solution

Security Operation Center as a Service (SOCaaS)

Marcelle Consultants has implemented a Security Operation Center as a Service (SOCaaS) solution to provide real-time monitoring and detection of Cyber Security threats. Marcelle provides your organization with the ability to proactively detect, analyze, and response to the highest risks within  your industry.

Compliance and Reporting

Identify areas within the organization where compliance initiatives are being met effectively and those areas in which more work is needed to meet the standards of regulation

Network Security

Integration with Intrusion prevention and detection systems to protect network infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, and improper disclosure.

Endpoint Protection

Monitoring of workstations (PCs and Laptops) and mobile devices (smartphones and tablet) from virus, spyware, and unauthorized disclosure of information.

Vulnerability Management

Automated vulnerability scans designed to proactively detect known vulnerabilities

Security Program Development

Creation and implementation of security policies and procedures to ensure best practices are used for management, operational, and technical processes.

Incident Response

an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack, also known as an IT incident, computer incident or security incident.

Security and Event Monitoring

Integration of SIEM tools supports the process of identifying, monitoring, recording, and analyzing security events or incidents in real-time.

Health Monitoring

Monitoring of assets to ensure the system maintains a system in operable conditions

Why SOCaaS


Expensive and difficult to build
Predictable and Economical

Compliance and Security

Lack comprehensive reporting that aligns with the requirements of regulations cybersecurity standards.
Minimize the risks associated with keeping data by being updated with the latest regulatory standard

Flexibility and scalability

Complex due to broad spectrum of security solution
Ability expand as needed, and flexibility to scale down.

Advanced protection and insider threats

Organization lack the most up-to-date cyber protection.
Immediate action against inside threats. Recommend mitigation action for new vulnerability


Organization lack skilled in-house resource
Proactive detection

Expert Support

Limited support of skilled people to identify and detecting any potential issue.
provide a 24x7x365 security

SOCaaS Benefits

Continuous monitoring by Security Experts ensures real-time detection & analysis of risk

Drastic increase in response time makes your organization more secure

Low cost for maintaining expansive security information